· By Tinne Soetewey


This month we interviewed  Hanneke a photographer and artist an inspiring woman who answers nine of the same questions.

  1. Could you tell us something more about who you are and what occupies you in your daily life?

 My name is Han van den Broek, raised in colours, textiles, and fashion from the day I was born… after having worked with my father for so many years in this domaine I took a break to have my three children aged 15 / 12/ and 10 today…  6 years ago I picked up my painting and through my fascination of structure and nature I have been working on my own art collection for the last six years which is starting to show to the ‘outside-world’ recently. I’m extremely interested in human behaviour and the subconscious. I love sports, movement, the galaxy, and a good laugh…. Especially with the right people around me….


  1. What is your favourite holiday destination and what makes it special? 

 My all time fave destination will always be and always remain Italy, especially the South of Italy… as a child we spent every single holiday in Italy, we spent summers in Positano and Capri as little kids and the memories of the stony beaches with its coloured umbrellas, carefully watched by ‘Theresa con Coltello’ (Theresa with the Knife’ behind her little wooden kitchen table with its legs just hitting the sea. With the boottrips to Capri to have a ‘Gelato’ in Anna Capri and to have a pasta and swim from the rocks…  my mum always looked so beautiful when we were on holiday and she was being admired by the Italian people who saw her walk with us… we were always so proud of her…


  1. What's your favourite restaurant? 

My favourite restaurant is not really food related but becomes a fave one when the company makes it unforgettable…. I prefer my food simple and clean… the Italian way suits me best. Fresh products with a nice bite.


  1. If you were able to have dinner with anyone, who would it be? 

Tricky question….  First of all it will be a men only table…Vladimir Nabokov is the first… he has written my all time favourite book 'letters to Vera’… not one man has ever written such beautiful love letters to his wife ever… Anthony Quinn in his role as Zorba the Greek and last but not least  my ‘Muse’ which I prefer to keep secret. The combination would be a lovely one. Lots of testosterone and depth diversity and love  at one table. They speak… I listen.


  1. Which song do you dance to when no one is watching? 

‘Sex on Fire’  Kings of Leon

And every Beegees song that has been released


  1. Who is your superhero?

    Depending which category of superhero… Batman is my fave Marvelhero but Peter Pan definitely beats him… more my kind of guy…. More flair and a little piracy goes a long way.


  1. If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it look like? 

That’s an easy question; Jeans,  My 30 year old jeans shirt so still wear and my Khaki army jacket I have since forever


  1. What do you like most about LIVTHELABEL? 

The combination of easy classic stuff with nice detailing that take you from day to nightwear with a shift of a shoe…  just always fits perfectly, good colours, great suits…


  1. What is your favorite item of the autumn/winter collection and how would you style it?

    It’s the carreaux total look… with the Hat!

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