· By Tinne Soetewey

New collection

Peeking into the upcoming Livthelabel Winter collection: ready-to-wear has never had a more literal meaning! 

The story behind my Winter 21 collection

Today I’d like to share the story behind my Winter 21 collection. The past year has truly been one of reflection. Working from home, disconnected from my usual inspirations and work methods (travels, fairs, fun!), I started questioning myself: would I be able to design a new season? Would I run out of ideas, not being in touch with the outside world? Introspection is usually my private thing, but could I use it to be productive for my work? And then it hit me: I needed to design a more realistic range, more functional, more respectful of a changing world. 

Are you familiar with the saying “it’s the quiet ones you have to watch”? It feels like the perfect definition of this winter wardrobe: behind its new normal looks, this collection turns out to be much more when you look closer at the patterns, fabrics, shapes and details! 

You’ll find pieces as eclectic as they are versatile. Let’s start with the loungewear: a good jogger, co-ord goes a long way, be it from the bed to the couch… or from the couch to the desk. That look has a purpose, and a slogan! 

jogging for women, woman tracksuit, ecru jogging


Our crêpe tailoring pieces in watered-down olive hues are still an untouchable classic and an endless source of outfit inspiration. 

tailoring for woman, woman suit


Keep your minimalism in check with a black and mint delicate seersucker: small patterns make a big impression, especially when combined with daring shapes like puff-sleeves and zippy details. 

mint dress, woman dress


Talking about patterns, how about a wooly houndstooth set in navy and chocolate brownie tones? The total look, combined with sturdy boots will give this outfit just the feisty twist it needs. 

This look is coming soon!

seersucker, woman suit


And let us not forget about our beloved knits – whether you like them chunky or preppy (yes, we mean ski-slope ready polo necks!), throw them over a perfect pair of jeans and complete the look with a sleeveless blazer that leaves all the space to show off your alpaca cladded arms. 

ecru knits


You got the gist: this season is one to dare, and I can’t wait for you to take this collection to the streets… or to the comfort of your own home. 

Live, Love, Laugh, 

Team Liv